Dear Canadian Customer,

Dear Canadian Customer,

Dollar Store Services is the largest developer of $1.00 and 99¢ stores in the United States. We also have stores worldwide and now we are excited to announce our Canadian program.

We have established relationships with companies in Canada to handle your every need: merchandise, store fixtures, and equipment – we have it all covered. This totally eliminates any need for shipping goods or equipment from the United States and of course you won’t need to deal with customs or pay tariffs and duties. Keep in mind that our program is NOT a franchise so you never pay fees or royalties, but do enjoy the best service through our in-house staff of trained professionals. In our program you have 100% control of your business. All prices reflected in this website are stated in U.S. dollars.

Square footage Price Square Footage Price
1,000 sqft $78,900 5,500 sqft $227,900
1,500 sqft $102,900 6,000 sqft $241,900
2,000 sqft $123,900 6,500 sqft $256,900
2,500 sqft $139,900 7,000 sqft $269,900
3,000 sqft $153,900 7,500 sqft $284,900
3,500 sqft $169,900 8,000 sqft $296,900
4,000 sqft $184,900 8,500 sqft $311,900
4,500 sqft $199,900 9,000 sqft $324,900
5,000 sqft $214,900 10,000 sqft $352,900

*Includes $20.00 per square foot in merchandise, at cost

*We open stores up to 25,000 square feet. Ask for custom pricing on stores over 10,000 square feet.

*Quoted price does not include any taxes of any kind, including sales or use tax. Canadian residents will be charged, in addition to the Package Prices shown above (which are quoted in US Dollars), GST, PST, HST, and QST, based on the requirements of the Province in which the store is to be located. Please note that these taxes can range from 7% to over 17% of the cost of the Package.

Price Includes

  • Trainer
  • Fixtures
  • Uniform
  • Inventory
  • Site Location Assistance
  • Freight for Store Setup
  • Exterior Sign Allowance
  • Speciality Display Fixtures
  • Long Term Support Training
  • Slat board on Perimeter Walls
  • Pre-Opening Support and Training
  • Opening Inventory Shelves Stocked
  • Wholesale Support
  • Build out Supervisor
  • Build-Out Staff
  • Retail Store Build-Out
  • Merchandise Network
  • Stereo System
  • Cash Registers
  • Shopping Totes & Carts
  • Operations Manual
  • Interior Signage
  • Checkout Station(s)
  • Pre-opening Support & Training
  • Lease Negotiation
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